InCube Challenge by ETH Entrepreneur Club - 26. - 30. September 2019
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InCube Challenge by ETH Entrepreneur Club - 26. - 30. September 2019

The InCube Challenge is back. The Innovation Club is proud to be the networking partner for this great event.

What is the InCube Challenge?
InCube is an international competition, where students live for four days in a glass cube. They need to define the problem they want to tackle, ideate for solutions and create a prototype. At the final event, the different teams compete in a pitch battle in front of a live audience and jury.

Where InCube takes place?
This year’s cubes are located in Zürich (Sihlpost & Pradeplatz), Boston (MIT Campus), Lausanne and Singapore.
Each location is supported by one of the Cube Partners, which help define the specific challenge that the participants need to work on. The participants will be assigned to one of the Cubes, where their strengths work best.

Who can apply?
All students (Bachelor, Master and PhDs) are welcome to apply. The organizing team will review each application and select the 2019 Cubees.

The Student Journey of InCube

  1. Applications : fill-out the online application

  2. StarterCube: the selected Cubees will receive a package to learn about the content and the stages of InCube

  3. OutCube: a weekend in a Swiss mountain resort for team-building and workshops to optimally prepare for InCube

  4. InCube: four days of challenge in a glass Cube. Experts and academic partners provide some guidance on the way to a solution, while everything is visible for the public

  5. Startup Concept: the Cubees are encouraged to continue working on their InCube project.

To participate to this great challenge, you can fill in the online application here:

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