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InnoThursday - Bring your ideas

  • Innovation Lab Chemin du musée 4 1700 Fribourg Switzerland (map)

Although Innovation is great, alone, it doesn’t mean anything.

To Innovate means to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods or ideas, takes courage and brains! Think of this: If Howard Schultz hadn’t been to Italy and if we would not have had the bravery to solicitate his employer to finance his upscale espresso cafes, the largest Coffeehouse chain in the world wouldn’t have existed: Starbucks.

On October, 17th we would like to reunite, around Pizza&Beers, our longtime members and welcome new commers to the club. We will take the evening to discuss ideas or projects you would like to see come alive. Because our members originate from a large spectrum of fields and faculties, and thanks to our diverse culture and core, you will certainly find the ideal team to make your “dream event” come true!

So, join us as we meet for our InnoThursday. Bring your ideas, your friends and let’s be creative! We will hack at ongoing events and plan future projects, all centered around innovation. If you want to be part of an inspiring group and meet amazing people, definitely consider coming this Thursday.

This meeting will take place at the Innovation Lab in the HEG-FR/HSW-FR at 6:00 PM

Of course Pizza&Beers awaits you!!!