Innovation in Space
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Innovation in Space

An astronaut will be landing in Fribourg - with Jeffrey A. Hoffman

On the verge of a new era of space exploration, humans have never ventured this far into the universe. To think that only a hundred years ago, the Wright Brothers achieved an unthinkable feat of engineering and that nowadays, many space agencies are seriously considering space colonization really shows how innovation and critical thinking are key features in the field of rocket science. To demonstrate the challenges of working in the void of space and to question our perspective on problem solving, we teamed up with former NASA astronaut Jeffrey A. Hoffman for an unforgettable night. After achieving a Phd at Harvard University in 1971, he enrolled in NASA’s Shuttle program in 1979. Since then he has flown five Shuttle missions including the first repair mission to the Hubble Telescope. He has also worked on many satellite assembly missions and has help design parts of the International Space Station (ISS). As of today, he is a professor of aeronautics and astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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