Innovation Club visits Start Summit 2018


Another inspiring talk was SmartPixles’ founder, Julien Berta, explaining how he managed to sign contracts with the world’s biggest companies, in his first year of existence. Smartpixels revolutionize the customer experience in Fashion, by projecting different designs on live objects like Shirts or shoes. Allowing the customers to see live an object that, in fact, often does not exists yet, improving both the customer experience and the retailer's efficiency.

Start Summit is not just about technology; it is about new ways of thinking, revolutionary approaches, “think out of the box” purposes. It represents a unique occasion to dive in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, get inspired, have fun and connect to the right people. 

If you too would like to join the adventure next time, get in touch with us, and join the club!

Joël Breguet

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Last week, one of Europe’s best Start-up conference took place in St Gallen, Switzerland. As members of the Innovation Club, we could not miss the opportunity to take part in this incredible event to network and get inspired. Mission accomplished.

Do you know who else simply could not resist attending such an amazing event? Companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Amazon, Oracle, Doodle, LinkedIn, Forbes, Twitter, Volvo, Swisscom and EY, among others.

Start Summit is a two-day conference organised by students that gathers more than 2500 people in Olma Messen, St. Gallen. The crowd is split between students, founders (more than 400 of them!), investors and intellectually curious people, all of them united by their passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

It is hard to describe the energy that we felt during those two days.

To make you better understand what we felt, we will tell you about some of the conferences we joined, like "Space, the final frontier" held by Chris Kemp former.

Mr Kemp, former CTO at NASA, gave a speech about his new adventure. He told us about how he left his job one and a half years ago and how he is launching his first rocket to put a satellite in orbit, next week.

Interestingly enough, putting together 75 people from NASA, MIT, Tesla and SpaceX to build a rocket that would launch a satellite into space for 75x cheaper than SpaceX was not the topic of his conference. Instead, we learned about the new business possibilities that such cheap satellite would open. And it is truly incredible.

Joël Breguet